90th Anniversary Celebration of Our Branch

1929 – 2019

On Friday, August 23, 2019, our members gathered in the Meadow Pointe Clubhouse amidst balloons and bouquets, to celebrate the happy occasion of the 90th anniversary of our Branch.  The formation and history of our Branch was reviewed by Chris Edwards, and Sylvia Rogers commented on the highlights of our continued history throughout the years as well as our current policy points.  Photos of the location of the first meeting and the first President were on display.  Everyone participated in a proseco toast and the cutting of the celebratory cake.  Virginia Bethune provided harp music.

According to the first minutes from that time:

“Miss Virginia Harnsberger, the acting chairman (and librarian of Madison College) called a meeting Monday, April 15, 1929 in the Faculty Sitting Room in Alumnae Hall of the women of the faculty who were interested in organizing a branch of the American Association of University Women.  Action was taken to start such an organization, and acting chairman, Miss Harnsberger, was asked to send to National Headquarters the registered cards of those interested.  A Committee on Constitution and By-Laws was named by the chairman, consisting of Mrs. Diggs, Miss Turner and Miss Robertson.  Miss Hoffman, Miss Boje, and Miss Palmer were named as Nominating Committee.  A second meeting was planned for Tuesday, April 23 at 7:30pm in the Faculty Sitting Room in Alumnae Hall (on the campus of Madison College).   At that meeting, officers were elected by ballot, as follows:  President – Miss Virginia Harnsberger; Vice President – Miss Margaret Hoffman; Secretary – Mrs. W.B. Varner; Treasurer – Miss Bessie Lanier.  It was voted that the President appoint the various committees necessary for the organization.  The Treasurer asked that the three dollars ($3.00) membership fee be paid to her as soon as possible.” 

[NOTE:  All of our Branch minutes and other documents are preserved in Special Collections in Carrier Library at James Madison University.  They may be viewed on request.]