April Moore and the Reality of Global Climate Change


At the October 17, 2015,  program meeting of AAUW Harrisonburg, April Moore, writer, teacher, and advocate for public education about global warming spoke to members and guests about the urgency of accepting the reality of universal climate change.  While there are still many people who dispute the claims of 97% of climatologists world wide, the evidence  increasingly substantiates the deterioration of balanced climatic conditions and the consequential erosion of the natural environment.


Legislative action that could mandate and regulate those factors among industrialized nations that contribute to negative atmospheric patterns are stymied, Moore believes, because of 3 things.  The first is public ignorance about the issue and denial of its validity. The second is reliance on fossil fuels for energy purposes and the intransigence of legislators to create financial incentives for use and invention of new forms of energy production.  The third is the vested interest and profit motive held by public utility companies–such as Dominion Power Company in Virginia–to continue business as usual and disregard the assuredly catastrophic consequences of so doing.


A serious discussion on the topic followed Ms Moore’s lucid and compelling remarks.  One insight that emerged is that the issue of climate change  is fundamentally linked to AAUW’s mission because, as a recent study at Harvard has shown, it is women and children who are the most affected and disenfranchised by any disruptions in the natural order of their environment and way of life.    A local group dedicated to political action on this issue is the Citizens’ Climate Lobby.  Its website is:  citizensclimatelobby.org/intro.